Dear Readers, I negligently allowed my one year anniversary with…

Dear Readers,

I negligently allowed my one year anniversary with you go by without a special post. On May 10th, 2011, I started Accidental Chinese Hipsters, and have since received pictures from and corresponded with amazing and diverse people from all over the world. Lesson learned: Chinese culture is everywhere. Except for maybe in the Middle East, Africa and Antarctica (I eagerly await emails to the contrary). Finding this community has been a great blessing for me, and I look forward to the wonderful and surprising things that this forum will produce in the future.

And so, for your entertainment and my humiliation, here is a picture of me at the Ocean Park theme park in Hong Kong. Every awkward detail is totally authentic 10-year-old half Chinese kid garb. High waisted jean shorts because those were still normal at the time. Un-ironic Taos shirt given to me by my mother, some of my first cool, grown-up clothes. A necklace with a replica of an old Chinese coin on it that my grandmother bought for me from an illegal street vendor, who, as they were interrupted by an approaching policeman mid haggle, secreted his wares inside the cardboard box that served as his merch table. Following the example of my always prim and dignified grandmother, I acted as if nothing was happening between us an the incredibly tan man with the shabby box. Just having a nice conversation here, Officer. I think my grandmother was also trying to fix up my tomboy hair with that barrette. Last but not least, the oversized glasses were my first pair, chosen by me for their close resemblance to my dad’s glasses. They fell off my face a lot in gym class.

Behind me is a replica of an old style Chinese bedroom. The park also had terrifying carnival rides that my dad convinced me to go on while he stood on the ground eating candy. It was a special trip: the first time that my dad went to Hong Kong to visit relatives with just me as his companion.

Thanks to my mom, Ruth Kuo, for sending me this and several other photos from what she esteems to be my most proto-hipster phase.