Is it Fair for Chefs to Cook Other Cultures’ Foods?

Is it Fair for Chefs to Cook Other Cultures’ Foods?:

Accidental Chinese Hipsters recommended reading, seen first on one of my favorite blogs: Asians Not Studying.


This is great! And a whole lot of fun!

And so we talked, immigrant son to immigrant son, food-lover to food-lover, Chinaman to Chinaman. (It isn’t the preferred nomenclature, but it works for us.) We had an honest debate over whether it’s right for chefs to “take” someone else’s culture and sell it, what responsibilities writers and chefs have to make sure people understand where cuisines come from, and, in the end, what it means to be an immigrant in America. What follows is an edited transcript of our conversation. It’s long and there is some tough talk in there, but we felt it was worth sharing.