Teddy: LabradorLike many of the best things in life, Ted came to…

Teddy: Labrador

Like many of the best things in life, Ted came to us by accident. We had
recently rescued a middle-aged Lab who had been abused and was
going through separation anxiety. Lab Rescue suggested that another
puppy might be just the cure for the older dog and would be a good

Ted just loved being part of the family. He made a point of greeting
every family member and making each one feel so loved every day
upon waking up or coming home from school or work. He was always
well behaved, loved to play, was protective of the home, and genuinely
found a way into everyone’s heart. Whether someone was a little chilly
and needed a ninety-pound (41 kg) warm Lab to sit on their lap, or was
a little lonely and could use a hug, Ted seemed to know and embraced
the chance to build a stronger relationship. Despite all the love tanks he
was able to fill, he seemed intent on doing a better job of it every day.

Rest in peace Teddy. It was an honor to meet you.

Source: caninenoir.tumblr.com/rss