Travelogue: Toyama


It’s a small yet beautiful city. We were there just for a day, our stopover before going to Tateyama Alpine Route (Japan Alps). We arrived in Toyama around 5 o’clock in the afternoon and we stayed at Toyama Excel Tokyu Hotel. This hotel gave us an excellent view of the Toyama city and we had excellent weather at that time (15 degrees Celcius in the aternoon and 10 degrees Celcius at night).
We went to have dinner at the place recommended by the hotel’s staff and it was amazing! I encountered an amazing bowl of curry udon and a bowl of yakiniku beef with egg (Yes, I ate two portion, you can judge me! LOL). The group had different items yet everyone was so satisfied with the taste and portion. After dinner we boarded the tram and we just circling the city until almost midnight. Toyama is beautiful at night and most likely is also beautiful daytime. I want to revisit this city one day, I haven’t done exploring it. 
In the early morning after finishing the delicious breakfast (everything is delicious in Japan) we went back upstairs to get our luggage and check out of the hotel. The Alpine Route starts at Dentetsu Toyama station and we didn’t have to drag our luggage with us because there’s this luggage service where we can leave our luggage at the hotel and they will send them to Shinano-Omachi station. We can pick them up when we arrived in Shinano-Omachi. It was one of the great thing about Japan, they already arrange everything to make everyone’s life easier. 
The Dentetsu Toyama station is nearby the hotel, only 5-7 minutes walk. The story of our journey in Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route will be posted separately. For now, enjoy our photos in Toyama. 

JR train from Tennoji Station to Shin Osaka Station. 

My fave snack Otsumami and a glass of hot milk tea. 

The view on our way to Toyama. 

Train bento. 

My cousin Lamy, my mother, my aunt Lany and our luggage at Toyama Excel Tokyo Hotel lobby. 

I was checking us in. That guy is simply the most helpful and super nice hotel staff. 
A bar in front of the hotel. 

View from the place we had dinner in. We boarded that tram shortly after dinner. 

Nom nom nom. Japanese foods!! 
At the restaurant. 

My dinner! One bowl of curry udon and one bowl of beef covered with eggs with rice. Nommmm! 

Midnight group selfie! 

On the tram.
On the tram!

Ready for our Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route Trip! 
Toyama Tips:
  • My wishlist if I ever to visit Toyama in the future: Kurobe Gorge.
  • Take the tram to go circling around Toyama town and alight at Toyama Castle. 
  • : so you’d know which train to take, at what time and on which platform. But in Kyoto, I prefer to travel by bus. 
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