1975 Purina Cat Chow Food Ad, “Wow Wow Wow / Chow Chow…


1975 Purina Cat Chow Food Ad, “Wow Wow Wow / Chow Chow Chow” Smiling Cats, with Coupon by Classic Film

Via Flickr:
Vintage 1970s magazine advertisement, Purina Cat Chow cat food, 1975

Notice the creepy, almost Joker-esque smiles on the three cats’ faces – shudder. This apparently is what happens when trusting little Fluffy eats Purina. The ad folks were likely going for “cute,” but ended up with “ghoulish,” IMO.

“Wow Wow Wow. Look What’s Happened to Chow Chow Chow.”

First sentence in ad text:
“Cats who’ve tried it are all smiles, smiles, smiles.”

Published in Family Circle, December 1975, Vol. 87 No. 6

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