Click image for 1000 x 1866 size. Watrous Liquid Soap Fixture,…

Click image for 1000 x 1866 size.

Watrous Liquid Soap Fixture, 1909.

“Why Use a Cake of Soap Others Have Used?

You wouldn’t use another person’s toothbrush. You can contract disease from one as well as from the other. Soap is a cleanser and not a germicide.

A cake of soap for your exclusive use is impracticable. The safe, cleanly, sanitary and convenient way is to use a liquid soap in the Watrous Liquid Soap Fixture – the most practical and durable device of the kind made. A slight pressure on lower part of fixture delivers the untouched liquid soap direct to the hands. No germs, no dirt, no waste time, no waste soap.

The Watrous Soap Fixture consists of beautifully nickeled bracket and glass container. Simple, ornamental, easily attached; easily taken apart. Watrous Liquid Soap is of the highest quality; purely vegetable, unequaled for facial use.

Discriminating people are installing this Fixture in their homes. Physicians endorse it. Unequaled for Clubs, Hotels, Public Institutions, Factories, Barber Shops, etc.

An Appropriate Xmas Present.

Special Offer – To quickly introduce our fixture, we will send one, filled with Watrous Liquid Soap, for $2.00. If not as represented you may return in 10 Days and get your money.

Sent Free – Illustrated descriptive booklet ‘The Modern Soap Convenience.’ Write today.”