Calber cosmetics, 1925. “Calber Antiseptic Powder, mother…

Calber cosmetics, 1925.

“Calber Antiseptic Powder, mother and child form an inseparable trio, because Calber is the only effective powder with positive results. The only one that has had increasing success for over fifteen years in treating irritations, skin burns, pimples, rashes and redness.

Calber Antiseptic Powder is recommended with the highest praises by the most eminent doctors and dermatologists. They’re antiseptic. They’re unperfumed and yet their smell is extremely pleasant. They’re extraordinarily refreshing after bathing and when you groom.

Also, bathe and rub your baby in the so rich and abundant suds of the Calber Soap (1.25 a tablet). The only soap indicated for a baby’s delicate skin, thanks to its extremely pure oils and balms.

After bathing, don’t forget to rub your baby with Calber Old Lavender (3.50 a bottle), the latest Calber Perfumery creation, used with success for bathing and for rubs. When burned it disinfects your home. Unrivaled for rubs.

Calber Perfumery, San Sebastián.”