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Seems like only yesterday we were both little girls wishing our fairy tale dreams…and tonight they’re finally coming true!

I love Charlotte and Tiana so much (and Charlotte’s dad, honestly) because very rarely could a mixed-race friendship like this work back then, even with small children, much less carry over into adulthood. The fact that Charlotte’s dad not only let Charlotte be friends with the daughter of someone who worked for him, a girl from a relatively poor family, but a black girl, and never taught Charlotte to hide her love for Tiana is amazing to me. And Charlotte, as spoiled as she is, never hesitates to put Tiana first.

And sharing clothes with Tiana??? Doing so publicly, at a party, knowing everyone would know the blue dress Tiana was wearing belonged to Charlotte? Huge deal. HUGE. People would be making snide comments about Charlotte and no doubt her dad for months after that in real life. But Charlotte didn’t care. She didn’t care that she went to a predominantly black neighborhood and was visibly affectionate with her working-class black friend in front of everybody, she didn’t care about sharing clothes with her, or hugging her at the end, even though it could’ve ruined her social standing.

Charlotte loves Tiana. And I’ve always liked that because too often the privileged, popular friend makes the choice to snub their less-popular, less-privileged friend at some point. Charlotte never does. And she probably put up with a lot of s***, too.

Yeah, I was waiting for the heel turn till the end of the third act to be honest, but it never came.