micdotcom: One dead, 10 injured, suspect arrested after van…


One dead, 10 injured, suspect arrested after van drives into pedestrians leaving London mosque

  • An incident involving a white van that plowed into pedestrians near a mosque in north London early Monday morning is now being investigated as an act of terrorism, London Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick said in a statement.
  • One man has died and at least 10 people have been injured in connection to the attack, the BBC reported. 
  • One suspect — a 48-year-old man whose identity has not yet been released — has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. Read more (6/19/17 9 AM)

‘Daily Mail’, other media outlets criticized for victim-blaming Muslims for Finsbury Park attack

  • On Sunday night, a white van rammed into pedestrians leaving London’s Finsbury Park Mosque after “taraweeh,” or nightly Ramadan prayers. 
  • Media outlets began reporting on the incident as more details emerged.
  • In some publications, like the Daily Mail Online, reporters went so far as to link the attack on the mosque with a radical cleric who used to preach there. Read more (6/19/17)

After London mosque attack, Trump tweeted a plug for his lawyer’s appearance on Fox News

  • On Monday morning, hours after the above deadly attack, Trump took to Twitter to urge his followers to watch an appearance from his lawyer, Jay Sekulow, on Fox News.
  • Though Trump immediately deleted that tweet, he followed it up with a second tweet criticizing the Democratic party.
  • His silence on the deadly attack continues what some have argued to be a pattern of non-response to attacks without a seemingly pat narrative of Islamist terrorists attacking civilians. Read more (6/19/17)