Click image for 1500 x 1968 size. Zenith Radio,…

Click image for 1500 x 1968 size.

Zenith Radio, 1956.

“All New! Excitingly Different! All the beauty of a modern mantel clock…

The custom clock radio. Luminescent clock hands; turns appliances on and off automatically. In Ebony color (Z524Y) and Off White (Z524W), both with Roman Gold color trim. Only $49.95.

All the power and rich tone of a top-quality Zenith radio!

Here are 4 more new, beautiful, power-packed Zenith clock radios…

Every Zenith clock radio has these quality features…

1 – Long distance chassis to bring in even the weak, distant stations.

2 – Wavemagnet Antenna extra-sensitive for exceptionally sharp, clear reception.

3 – Alnico-5 magnet speaker for full, rich tone quality.

Beauty, style, power. Royal Six Clock Radio. Sharp, accurate station selectivity. Provision for Headphone/Earphone Adaptor. In Ebony color, White, two-tone Gray. Z624. Only $49.95.

Performance packed! Modestly priced, this Clock Radio assures big-set performance. Long Distance Chassis. In Mottled Walnut color, Ebony color, White. Z515. Only $29.95.

World’s Leading FM-AM Clock Radio! Super-Sensitive, drift-free FM plus Long Distance AM: Thrilling tone. Z733. Ebony color, only $74.95. Two-tone Gray; Maroon; only $76.95.

Dazzling Colors. Super Clock Radio. Maroon with Tapestry Red grille; Muted Yellow with Cordovan; Dusty Pink with Slate Gray; White. Z519. Only $39.95.

Beautiful to see… and hear, for it has the radio that makes the BIG difference in clock-radios… a Zenith!

Put this beautiful new Zenith Custom Clock Radio in your living room – or any room – and watch the admiring glances it draws. Then click the switch and fill the room with the thrilling, full-throated notes of a Zenith precision-built radio! It’s radio’s finest listening!

To assure richer tone and greater sound output, every Zenith clock radio contains a speaker that is activated by Alnico-5, the most powerful magnetic material known. And each contains Zenith’s extra-sensitive Long Distance AM Chassis and Zenith’s famous Wavemagnet Antenna to bring in even distant stations sharp and clear.

What luxurious gifts they make! Why not visit your Zenith dealer soon? Let him show you that the big difference in clock radios is the radio itself.

Zenith, the quality goes in before the name goes

The Royalty of Radio, Television and Phonographs

Backed by 37 years of leadership in radionics exclusively

Also makers of fine hearing aids”