Click image for 1000 x 1501 size. Garden Court Double…

Click image for 1000 x 1501 size.

Garden Court Double Combination Skin Cream and Face Powder, 1919.

“The Whip of the Winds

Before a canter in the park or a brisk run across country – or motoring or tennis or golf – use Garden Court Double Combination Cream and protect your skin against sun and wind. This new all-purpose cream alo cleanses the pores and relieves tension of the facial muscles.

It’s equally good for any occasion where a vanishing cream is desired. Used beneath Garden Court Face Powder, this many-fold cream gives a healthy ‘depth’ to the complexion. Both cream and powder perfumed with the delightful Garden Court bouquet – 32 fragrances in one.

Garden Court toilet creations are on sale exclusively at the thousands of Penslar Drug Stores throughout the United States and Canada.

Send for free Vanitab of Garden Court Face Powder and new booklet ‘The Eight Art,’ with interesting information about toilettes for every occasion.

Sold only where this sign of the Penslar Stores is displayed”