Selecções do Reader’s Digest, August 1964. “This is…

Selecções do Reader’s Digest, August 1964.

“This is no ordinary toothbrush

It’s the new Dr. West’s Miracle-Tuft, sold in these 5 marvelous colours

Dr. West’s protects against dental cavities. Its scientifically curved shape adjust to the dental arch and allows you to clean every crevice of your teeth… and Dr. West’s lasts much longer than ordinary toothbrushes because its water-proof brushes don’t get loose or worn out. Only Dr. West’s is this exceptionally good! It comes in 3 sizes: adult (soft, medium or hard), teenage and infant. It’s more expensive… of course, Dr. West’s is the best toothbrush in the world!

Take good care of your teeth; see your dentist every 6 months and use the new Dr. West’s

Scientific shape, double curve for a perfect cleaning of your teeth’s 4 sides: internally, externally, between your teeth, on top”