In defense of women not shavingWe’re living in an age of…

In defense of women not shaving

  • We’re living in an age of heightened self-acceptance, self-love and self-appreciation. Your stretch marks are stunning. Your cellulite is cute. Your freckles are fantastic. 
  • These are not some weird affliction, they’re just natural. And because of that, they should be celebrated.Amid all this fanfare though, body hair remains less socially acceptable, whether it’s hair on a woman’s legs or armpits or even pubic area, areas that some women tame and some don’t. 
  • Although many body-positive activists want to champion everything that’s naturally occurring on women today, body hair remains an incredibly divisive issue for many.
  • Would you, for example, bat an eye if your female boss wore skirts and didn’t shave? 
  • What would be your reaction if your female coworker wore a short-sleeved shirt and her armpit hair peeked through? 
  • For some of you, it is entirely OK. And that’s great. But to others, maybe because of society’s constant reminders that women are best when hairless, a stigma remains. Read more. (7/18/2017 3:10 PM)