The barriers against women running successfully for office start…

The barriers against women running successfully for office start with money and end with mindset

  • Following the election of Donald Trump, enrollment at Eleanor’s Legacy, a group that helps pro-reproductive rights, Democratic women run for office in New York state, doubled to 60 women, according to its director Brette McSweeney. 
  • National groups also saw a jump, with Emily’s List reporting that 16,000 women had reached out to them since the election, said Julie McClain Downey, a spokesperson with the organization.
  • Over the next few months, the first waves of progressive, female candidates in the Trump era will face primaries and special elections that will test the enthusiasm and commitment of the activism seen in the days following Hillary Clinton’s defeat. 
  • In many ways, the challenges they face, such as raising enough money to sustain a campaign and running against established men, remain the same as they always were. Read more (8/14/17)