Werbekarte für den “Milee” Brotaufstrich by…

Werbekarte für den “Milee” Brotaufstrich by altpapiersammler

Milee, the Milk Jelly

In the Four Year Plan, after the Olympic Games
, Adolf H. had hoard oil and fat
for his great war on a grand scale. From many leader words
could – who could! – feel close to hard times.

Replacements lay in stores suddenly,
fat-less and with the greatest names like Milee,
a “new ingenious spread” (he smelled horrible),
a skim milk product praised as jelly.

Of course, it was good for some to lose weight
while the fat stores were soon tucked away in bullet tank bearings
, anti-aircraft guns and torpedoes.

Who still believes’, this milk jelly would be arbitrary
available, was instructed in the style of the Knauser Credo:
“It strikes itself wonderfully thin, which makes it so productive.”“