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Murphy Brown, “Anything But Cured”

  • 6×21
  • 3-14-94
  • Costumes by Sandy Slepak

Just a few months after Bob’s third sitcom Bob (the one where he was a comic book/greeting card artist) was canceled, Newhart returned to CBS with one more appearance as Dr. Robert Hartley. 

In this Murphy Brown episode, Marcia Wallace reprises her role as Carol and becomes the first in a very, very long line of secretaries that Murphy actually likes! Of course Carol would kill it in this job. We saw what she put up with on The Bob Newhart Show! The episode ends with Bob tracking Carol down and begging her to come back to Chicago, as everything has fallen apart without her. Bob wins out (that’s him giving Murphy a triumphant “Ha!”), and then Frank Fontana confronts Bob about his therapist problems in the elevator. 

 Just like in the 19th anniversary special, Bob’s wearing a nondescript dark sport coat and gray pants. I tell ya, Bob really got less adventurous with his clothes in the ‘90s! But still, Bob Hartley dresses smartly.

And that is it. Every Dr. Robert Hartley outfit tracked and celebrated. A totally goofy goal, accomplished–and people actually followed this Tumblr! I thought this would just be a weird side project for me, and it has been that, but I’ve also got a surprising number of reblogs along the way.

I started this blog because I love Bob Newhart, I love Dr. Hartley, and I also legit love (most) of what that character wears. It always struck me as odd that a tightly wound character would dress so flashy, even compared to all the other ‘70s men around him, but I love what that said about Bob. Clothes were something he took pride in, even though he never talked about it. I like that. It’s not like me. I talk about my clothes all the time. But still.

I will continue to post on this Tumblr! Probably highlights or collections of looks, not grouped by episode. Probably themed around holidays and/or special events. I don’t know if I will do something this in-depth for Newhart, mainly because Dick Loudon’s clothes are nowhere near as interesting as Bob Hartley’s. But I purposefully named this blog The Natty Newhart, which does leave it open to documenting all of Bob’s looks over the last 60 years. 

I’m just crazy enough to do that, too.

Happy trails to you! Until we meet again…

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